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iPad3 WiFi connection issues resolved

Thursday, 5 April 2012 21:51 by Michael Olivero

I believe I have a solid work around for the the wifi issue where disconnects occur. First it appears only to happen when connecting to wireless-n connections. Wireless-g doesn't seem to have any problems.  Note this is only for the repeated disconnects and has nothing to do with the low signal issue some have mentioned. For the record, I have a 32gb Verizon iPad.

The symptoms are as follows.  


  • You connect fine and surf fine. Put the iPad to sleep or come back to it later after sleeping automatically and your wifi is not connected.
  • When tapping the previously connected wifi to reconnect you are usually asked to enter the password again.
  • When you connect the first time, it says failed to connect but re-tap the join button it connects.
  • If you turn off wifi and then turn it back on  it doesn't reconnect.
  • Once connected to the wifi, if you click on the right arrow to go to the details you will NOT see the "forget this wifi" button even though you are connected.

If you fall in any of those scenarios, this WILL solve your problem in the interim until Apple updates software. In short it seems as though the wifi is not stored or remembered.



Configure wifi manually, explicitly typing your wifi's broadcast name, explicitly choose the security your wifi is using (wep, wpa, wpa2, etc. ) and then proceed to enter your password. Once connected if you go to the details of the connection you should see the "forget this wifi" button. If you do, you can now rest assured it will allways reconnect and  the above symptoms can no longer be reproduced.

4/12/2012 Addendum:

Not sure if this is related or not, however I have the "Ask to Join Networks" feature off in the wifi settings too. 


4/13/2012 Addendum:

Here I show how easily I can reproduce the automatic disconnects because the iPad doesn't remember the wifi connection.  My solution, and working now for weeks without a problem, has been to set it up manually.  Interestingly, after setting it up manually, I haven't had to set other networks manually as they connect and remember fine.  It's only the first one it seems or my home one.

5/2/2012 Addendum:

Updating the router firmware has resolved this issue in two separate situations (my home and a friends home).

Good luck!

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Comments (5) -

April 22. 2012 16:29


Thank you so much! I have never posted anything on the net before and I have to thank you! We have two ipad2's running update 5.1 (9B176) one is a Verizon 3g and the other is wireless only. Both are 64 GB and now the wireless icon still flashes but no loss of connectivity. My wife and I are so happy! No more interruptions!

Rich Bar

May 5. 2012 00:38

Thanks so much Mike! We both made the changes to our devices and we will see how it works through the weekend. I can definitely see the logic here, and it sound like you have tested it forward and backward! It also sounds like it has helped others. I will report back in a few days.


October 11. 2012 02:04

Awesome solution .. Really appreciate it . Thanks again


November 2. 2012 17:28

Works perfect,thanks!


November 24. 2012 04:39

Thank you so much! I was getting annoyed that my iPad kept on asking me to input my password over and over. Was getting ready to bring it to Apple then stumbled upon this. =))


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