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Inktel Direct's 100 days of innovation and GiveMeFeedback.com

Wednesday, 7 September 2011 15:32 by Michael Olivero

Inktel Direct announced 100 days of innovation just about 100 days ago.  See their blog post for more information.  In short, various groups were created with the idea of applying Ideo's principles and create or change something in an innovative way.

I was designated as a judge instead of a participant, however I was inspired to go at it alone on my personal time.  I came up with GiveMeFeedback.com.  Give me feedback arose primarily from the desire to receive feedback from peers quickly and easily for pretty much anything. I copied the following short description from the site to summarize:

Most people have the desire to improve in one shape or another. Improvement, aside from formal and self directed means, relies heavily on the interaction and feedback from others. 

Traditionally, feedback is given every quarter or semi-annually within corporations. While this is a good for self-improvement, it's traditional and doesn't keep up with the "immediate" times of today. By the time you receive the necessary feedback, weeks and months have passed potentially missing out on other opportunities to apply such feedback, or worse yet, the feedback is no longer applicable and is either omitted or simply useless. 

GiveMeFeedback.com addresses the gap to request, give, & receive feedback immediately after an event occurs where feedback would be beneficial in a seamless and friction-free click-friendly manner.

The first phase is focused on person to person, a future update will allow for general anonymous feedback.  Go ahead try it out: