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Connecting your Apple iMac 27" or Cinema Display using only one connection similar to Thunderbolt Display

Tuesday, 30 August 2011 22:15 by Michael Olivero

In this video, I diagram the various options for connecting an iMac 27" (as a display in target display mode), a Cinema Display, & the new Thunderbolt Display to a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with thunderbolt port.

It turns out, you can achieve the same results as a thunderbolt display (having to connect only a thunderbolt cable) using either an iMac 27" or Apple Cinema Display.

In the video below I diagram the options and actually uncover some benefits in connecting a Cinema Display or iMac over utilizing the newly released Thunderbolt Display.

NOTE: To see details, you may have to switch to the HD 720 on the bottom right of the video screen and/or choose full screen

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Windows7 may drain battery faster than Max OSX on MacBook Air 11"

Tuesday, 30 August 2011 20:30 by Michael Olivero

I was intrigued at how fast the battery drained while running bootcamp on my MacBook Air 11" (2011 model).  There are various blogs discussing how Windows is not SSD friendly, particularly Vista, however I felt this would have been resolved with the latest version of Windows and/or latest service packs.


After various trials and errors, I achieved reasonable battery life by turning off Windows Search which has indexing running in the background.  Simply turn off the service called "Windows Search" and change it's startup to either "Manual" or "Disabled".